Essay on Indian Culture and Tradition

Culture is an amalgamation of different ways and patterns of living. It is a collective way of how people live in a society having part specific and partly shared attitudes, values, ideologies, and customs. It is by definition, a set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular society, a state or a country. 

Indian culture is a blend of diverse communities and their ways of living in society. Their ways of dressing, food habits, festivals, and marriages are constituted into a culture.

Indian culture is comprised of the way of greeting people, the rich traditions and histories, myths and arts. The languages spoken in India show its diversity in culture. The literature produced in this land speaks of India’s rich cultural constructions. 

India is the birthplace of different religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, etc. and the land is known for its beautiful and elegant historical sites that attract people from all over the world. It also is known for different delicious cuisines and dishes and spices which speak of the diversity in India’s food culture.

In fact, India is the second-largest producer of food after China. As for instance, Hyderabad is known for its delicious Biriyani; Kolkata is known for its tasty Macher Jhol, Mishti Doi Rosgolas; Assam is known for its delightful Khar, Pitas; Kerala is known for Dosa – Sambar, Malabar Biriyani, Apam and many more.

Similarly, all the communities’ people have their own food habits. The festivals like Diwali, Navratri, Eid, Ramzaan, Ganesh Chaturti, Durga Puja, Karwa-Chauth and many are those occasions that keep everyone united and they all stand for unity in diversity prevalent in India.  

The rich sculptures and architectures are representative of the richness of Indian culture. However, Indian culture comprises of different yet collective patterns of lifestyles.