100 Words Essay on Dussera in English

Dussehra is also called Vijayadashami. It is a major Hindu festival. Dussehra’s name comes from the Sanskrit word Dash Hara, which means “the defeat of the Sun” in English. It is believed that the  sun would not have risen again if Ravana hadn’t been defeated. It started during the 14th-15th century. It celebrates the victory … Read more

100 Words Essay on Doctor in English

A doctor is one who holds an advanced degree and is licensed to practise medicine. They are very important in today’s world. Without doctors there will more sick cases and higher death rates. They have sacrificed their time to save and heal other people from suffering. It is no easy work for doctors. In order … Read more

100 Words Essay on Dogs in English

A dog is a domesticated animal. Based on recent studies on dogs, it has been said that there are 329 varied species of dogs. Dogs have a very powerful sense of smell and it has been found that it is at least 4 times more powerful than humans. Labrador Retrievers, golden Retriever, beagle,and  Cocker spaniel … Read more

100 Words Essay on Drug Abuse in English

Drug abuse refers to the excessive and illegal consumption of drugs that are harmful to the health of an individual. It can be defined as the persistent use of a substance despite its detrimental effects on physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. Drug abuse can have serious and long-term consequences, including addiction, overdose, physical and mental … Read more

100 Words Essay on Drugs in English

Drugs are chemicals or substances that change the way our bodies work. Some are medicines that help people when doctors prescribe them. However there have been a lot of cases with drugs abuse. When one is ill, doctors prescribe pharmaceutical drug, also called a medication or medicine, is a chemical substance used to treat, cure, … Read more