100 Words Essay on Dream in Life in English

Dream in life is and can be very personal to one. It is good to have a dream in life as long as it is healthy. It is evident that everybody dreams of becoming somebody or achieving something in life. It helps one stay motivated and goal oriented. One must keep in mind to have a dream that is practical. Some people dream to become doctors, engineers, lecturers, professors and so on, while some dream to grow a big business or farm. One could also dream of living a peaceful and content life, or to have people surrounded with love. This very topic can be very broad indeed and in can mean different things for different people. One must learn to respect other people’s dream in life despite its differences. Whatever, one may choose their dream in life to be, it will be very essential if the ultimate goal of the dream in life recounts back to inspiring others to do good or better. One must also always keep the spirit of dignity of labor in mind as well for it is very important in all aspect of life.