5 Minute Speech on Population in English for Students

The population has been growing globally every year. The population of a country should be under a certain limit. If it exceeds the limit, it causes a lot of problems, for instance, it puts a lot of pressure on the government, on the land and on the people. Overpopulation can cause a lot of environmental problems as well. India is a country that ranks the top one in the most populated country in the world with China as the second. The Vatican City is the least populated in the world. When a country is too low in population that can also be another problem, especially in the economy. Population is something that has to be kept in control in all countries. It is a subject matter that we should all be concerned about. This topic is a vital topic to be studied and therefore, in most boards of education it has been added to all textbooks in schools. Family planning is also very important under this subject topic and should be taught to everyone. We should do all we can and however, we can to make the people educated on this topic.