5 Minute Speech on Power of Media in English for Students

Media in itself is so powerful. It has been gaining a lot of importance and a lot of focus, especially in the 21st century. Through the media, we can get information on many various topics. This makes us gain more knowledge and wisdom and keeps us aware of a lot of topics. People can connect despite living in various countries. The power of the media is beyond imagination. It has brought rise to various dangerous scams as well. There are more cases of cyberbullying. It can be rightly said that the media can either break us or make us. It can crush a person’s dream forever or create a path or a new door for that person. We have to be wise and rational on how to use the media, especially because of the power or holds. With media at the end, it brought the rise to many influencers all over the world who are earning massively through it. Media should be talked about to children, keeping them aware of its usage and most importantly keeping a limit. It is not advisable to get all kinds of  media apps to children below the age of thirteen.