2 Minute Speech On Class In English

Every child adores his or her class because they have many wonderful memories there. Every year, we switch classes, but I feel that every class is the best, proving that my school is also the best. Good morning everyone, today I am going to give a speech on ‘class’.

The heart of every student is in the classroom. We will cherish the memories of this place for the rest of our life. Our education shapes who we become in the real world. The impact on lifelong learning is positive. 

The term “classroom” refers to a setting where a group of pupils attends lessons from a certain teacher on a specific subject. Schools, colleges, and universities frequently have classes where students are taught a variety of skills and courses in a variety of areas and fields. The signs and symbols used there are the same for all of the students.

Until the end of the semester, a class’s students live together as a family. All of the teachers are caring and understanding, as well as committed, talented, and educated. The only area where we converse and have fun is in my classroom. Usually, we have fun and enjoy lunch during the break. We attempt to make our classroom more attractive by decorating it for numerous national, international, and cultural festivals.

To sum up, my classroom is a calm setting. We all live and work like a family in my class, and we support one another wholeheartedly. My classroom’s floor tiles appear to be orderly and tidy. I adore my classroom, which is like my second home..