2 Minute Speech On Clock In English

Good morning everyone present here today, I am going to give a speech on the clock. A device for measuring time is a clock. It always lets us know what time it is. However, the sun, or more precisely, the rotation of our planet around the sun, is what we use to measure time.

In the past, men had to keep an eye on the sun and moon to tell time. They could only talk in terms of days and months, not in hours and minutes. The sundial was the first method for telling the time more precisely. Another method was counting the amount of sand grains that fell from one vessel to another using the sand-glass, also called an hourglass.

However, the best tool for measuring time is a clock. In the fourteenth century, France built the first clock. By using hanging weights, it was moved. The first spring-driven clock was created in the 16th century. A clock is an amazing device. A wound spring powers numerous wheels that are designed to rotate the hands around the clock’s face. As the hands revolve, they accurately point to the figures denoting the hours and minutes on the display. We now have quartz clocks that are powered by battery cells. Of course, a clock only records the hours and minutes of a single day; it does not record years, months, or weeks. Thank you.