2 Minute Speech On Covid-19 In English

Good morning everyone present, today I am going to talk about Coronavirus, often referred to as COVID-19, which is an infectious infection that affects the human respiratory system. Covid 19 refers to a novel coronavirus disease that was discovered in 2019. Our daily lives have been impacted by the Coronavirus. Millions of individuals have been impacted by this pandemic, and are either sick or dead due to the disease.

Fever, cold, cough, bone pain, and respiratory issues are the most typical signs of this viral infection. Patients with the coronavirus may also experience symptoms like fatigue, a sore throat, muscle soreness, and a loss of taste or smell in addition to these ones.

Around the world, the pandemic has caused significant social and economic disruption, including the biggest global recession since the Great Depression. Supply chain instability led to widespread shortages of supplies, particularly food supplies. Pollution fell by an unprecedented amount as human activity decreased. Throughout 2020 and 2021, many jurisdictions closed all or part of their educational institutions and public spaces, and numerous events were postponed or canceled. Political tensions have increased as a result of false information spreading through social media and the media. The pandemic has brought up questions of racial and geographic discrimination, health fairness, and how to strike a balance between the needs of public health and the rights of individuals. Thank you.