Speech on AIDS

Good day to all

Today on 1st December, we are gathered to race the flag for one of the toughest fights that human beings are facing at the moment. It is a fight against a deadly disease and fight for respect and dignity of life.

One of the deadliest and most destructive ailments that have gripped human society is the pandemic known as AIDS. The disease itself is a retro-viral disease with its pathogen known as HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

In this condition, the pathogen is able to utilize the patient’s body for its own survival and reproduction resulting in the patient’s own body and immunity starts to falters (especially the white blood cells known as T-Cells). However, HIV does not mean AIDS always as many HIV patients can take help of medicines and stay HIV positive.

The threat of this disease can be traced by its difficult to identify symptoms. Most of the early symptoms are that of a common flu with joint pains, fever, period of chills and profuse sweating, glandular infection, tiredness and sudden weight loss etc.

After the disease has progressed, there are more severe symptoms like diarrhea etc. However, the most lethal is Tuberculosis which causes most number of HIV related deaths. India, unfortunately, is the site for the worst number and cases of such fatalities which are showing no signs of abatement.

The biggest reason for the massive spread of the disease is due to its ease of transmission. Among its various modes of transmission, the most pertinent is through body fluids like blood. Many a time unscreened or not properly screened blood is transfused into patients which results in HIV transmission.

Multiple uses of syringes etc is another such mode. Another mode is through a pregnant mother into her unborn child. It becomes especially dangerous in second and later terms (for the fetus/child). The spread can also materialize post birth through breast milk. The third and probably the easiest one to avoid is through unprotected sexual activity.

The sad reality is that there exists no cure for AIDS. The progression can be slowed or stopped by anti retro-viral drugs and therapy. This can significantly enhance the quality and longevity of the patient. However, there is no absolute remedy for the disease.

Even more difficult than the physical destruction is the psychological blow that is dealt to anyone who is diagnosed with such a condition. This is down to misunderstanding and social stigma attached to HIV/AIDS. Herein lies the biggest threat of HIV and must be addressed and corrected to help give the people with the disease a fighting a chance.

Thank you for your patience and attention!