Children’s Day Speech

Good day to all!

Today we assemble to celebrate a day dedicated to the young hopes and aspirations of the country. Today, we celebrate childhood and the birthday of a man who cherished the joys of childhood throughout his enriched life, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. It falls on the 14th of November every year.

The first Prime Minister of Independent India was a man who loved to make children smile. He loved to see the beautiful and innocent expression and his independence with which children smiled. Due to his love and affection for kids, he was also called ‘Chacha Nehru’ (Uncle Nehru).

The day itself is celebrated in all the schools in the country. There is a distribution of sweets and new clothes. All the children engage in various fun and games. There are essay competitions, debates, drawing contests, poetry festivals, etc held everywhere.

The kids of all ages and talents are invited to show their best efforts and share their skills with their mates and loved ones. Teachers, parents, etc encourage and support the children with zeal and enthusiasm to be free in their minds and hearts and produce their best.

Apart from these, there are also various performances like singing contests, dances, etc to create a sense of festival for kids and their families. The children are allowed to wear casual and colorful clothes unlike the rest of the year when they are required to appear in school uniforms and attires.

They are also encouraged to share their hopes, expectations, complaints, and dreams with their mates, teachers, and families. Such an intimate and informal environments can often help kids communicate many of their repressed or overlooked emotions and feelings. Thus, days like these provide them an opportunity to voice their hearts and minds unlike the rest of the school year.

This day represents a release and breaks from the monotonous and crushing routine for kids in school all year. The routine can often make them feel pressure on performance and psychological fatigue which not only makes them physically exhausted but mentally uninspired.

A day of frivolities, fun, and frolics can bring a zest of happiness and excitement for the kids. This not only refreshes their bodies and minds but also creates moments of inspiration to try even harder to achieve their best performances, outcomes, and goals.

Thank you for your patience and attention!