Essay on World Television Day

The World has been brought to our doorstep through media like television, social media, the internet, etc. These forms of communication have knitted people living in different corners of the world without ever meeting each other or sharing the same language, culture, and geography.

In recognition of such a pivotal medium, United Nations declared 21st November as World Television Day. The resolution was passed for the same in the General Assembly in 1996 which became the first year of celebration.

The impact and coverage of cable and noncable television today led to the official dedication of a specific day to celebrate and honor the achievements of people involved in the medium.

Television through its constant coverage and surveillance of the world order, be it economic, political or environmental, has offered a potential game changing opportunity to resolve various disputes and establish peace and harmony in different parts of the World.

With its ability to set the agenda for discourse and start debate over pressing issues, it has provided a powerful tool to mobilize and construct public opinion on issues of utmost relevance and important.

Even more important than its physical form, television has ideological and philosophical salience when it comes to communication and dialogues on various levels. From individuals to nation states, Television gives a voice and image to everyone or at least a possibility for the same.

With the increasing forms of hate and division being instilled between different groups and peoples, it is important that we reorient our television programming to encourage peace and calm.

Therefore, it is essential that we combat the threats to the credulity and credibility of Television when it comes to the menace of fake news, paid television or biased content.

The TV is an important tool for social and cultural construction which helps not only educating and informing but also entertaining various audiences. The need of today is to highlight the positive and reinforce hopes and aspirations of people.

With the interconnectedness of the present digital world, it is pertinent to utilize the powers of Television to unite rather than fragment human society.

Celebrating the event is important but even more pertinent is to realize the greater responsibility to use Television for the good of the World and betterment of its inhabitants. Only then, we can truly realize the potential of this medium.