2 Minute Speech On Air Pollution In English

A very good morning to everyone present here, I am going to recite a speech on air pollution. My dear friends, we are all familiar with the term “pollution.” We are well aware of its causes, negative consequences on the environment, and effects on our daily life.

Global warming is one of the repercussions of this loss of balance in the atmosphere’s gas concentrations, which is brought on by air pollution. As we are all aware, our atmosphere contains a variety of gases that are all in good balance. The balance of our environment can collapse with only a small change in how these gases are arranged. Greenhouse gases behave like pollutants and contaminate the air. As a result, the temperature of the entire world rises as the sun’s heat is trapped inside our planet.

In addition to contributing to global warming, air pollution has devastating consequences on ecosystems, respiratory disorders, infant death rates, extinction rates for wild species, drought, acid rain, and ozone layer depletion. Therefore, it is our duty to keep the equilibrium of a particular percentage of gases in the atmosphere. It must be managed if we are to survive.

“Polluting the air by a fire that is fueled by the trunk or branches of a tree is even more foolish.” These are the words of South African novelist Mokokoma Mokhonoana. It’s time for us to stop acting carelessly toward Mother Nature. So let’s work together for a bright and secure future.