5 Minute Speech on Global Warming in English for Students

Global warming is a major concern of today’s world. When the temperature on the earth rises it is called global warming. It is a subject taught in schools from the class of three and above. All countries are putting their hands together as they work in unity to decrease this problem. Removing global warming is rather impossible. The rise of factories and a number of trees that are being cut along with the rise of vehicles are the main causes of global warming. In the broad sense of perspective we can’t actually stop the usage of factories or vehicles especially with the world that is modernising and developing everyday. If stopped or rather paused, this will heavily affect the economy of the country greatly. As much as we cut down trees I believe that we should plant double the amount of trees cut for the betterment of the world. Global warming has caused so many problems. It has led to loss of species and a huge rise in various types of illness and sicknesses which becomes life threatening. 

On our little part, what can we do? We can aware people by educating them through conversations or even by positing on social media about this subject. Social media in today’s world plays a huge role in most spheres. We can use this stand and share about it. Through this, many people will be educated and re reminded on global warming. We can also work hand in hand with our neighbors to plant more greens and more tress in and around our locality, this will really help the air stay fresh. We should also try and promote reusable products. Transport is very important and on our parts we should try and use more of public transport or even bicycles rather than private transport to reduce the air pollution. In ones family we can try and use the three R’s and adapt that into a habit. This will make the biggest change in ones lifestyle and can influence many. We can put the three R’s which is Reuse, Recycle and Reduce to out wat of life which, I believe will make a persons life even better. This is the most practical way of life. It keeps one grounded. Cleaning your surroundings, not wasting food, and being practical in money management is all the ways that can help reduce the problem of global warming.