5 Minute Speech in Health and Fitness in English for Students

In the world of today where everything is so digitalised, health and fitness are not put into importance for many people. This has led to more cases of obesity and many other problems. To prioritise health and fitness is so important. Only a few from the thousands can take this into account and are working towards this as they try and influence others. When a person prioritises health and fitness, a person has a longer life and a healthier lifestyle resulting in making them fit even when age catches up to them. Eating a lot of greens and a proper amount of meat and less junk food or rather avoiding junk food at all is very important to being healthy. Walking, running, dancing, cycling, going to the gym and working out is the best way to stay fit. A person who tracks a lot is also seen to be a  person. Exercise is so important especially because the majority of the youths spend their time on their digital life as they sit down for a very long period. This has brought in the rise of various health issues like knee problems, backaches and others.  So in the rise of these problems, more importance of health and fitness is brought into account. Children themselves are facing so many health problems because of lack of exercise due to the amount of time spent on their mobile phones without moving for a long duration. 

We should try and promote the importance of health and fitness in all aspects of life.