5 Minute Speech on Health and Wealth in English for Students

Health is so important. We in general, don’t take care of our health and rather put more focus on our work in the mindset that we will take care of our health later in the future. However, when the future comes, it becomes too late to take care. No matter how much wealth one has when a person is on his or her death bed it becomes impossible for wealth to save the life of anybody.  Therefore a person should know the importance of health and that it is more imprudent than anything else in the world. As much as one prioritises work one should value their health and work accordingly. One should learn to balance the two. This is a rare case scenario for many people. The importance of health should be taught even to children and especially youths. If one is struggling in life to meet the end of the day or if one is not rich but is healthy then in the broadest sense of life, that person is healthier than the man who has a lot of money but is in a hospital bed struggling to survive. We should learn to know the importance of our health and should take care of it. This way it will take care of our lives. We will be able to fight against most illnesses and sicknesses along the way.