100 Words Paragraph On Books In English

Unquestionably, books are a blessing to humanity. The fact that books may benefit us in so many ways has earned them the label of our closest friend. Libraries serve as a repository for a variety of genres of literature where interested readers can relax by reading aloud or can borrow books by becoming a member of that library. We humans also exhibit a stronger sense of civility through this reading habit.

There are people like myself who enjoy collecting books, particularly novels or children’s literature. And because of this habit of mine, my home has become a little library all by itself. I am familiar with many other readers who have a similar fixation with reading and collecting books. My conversations with them about conversions mainly centre around the novels’ plots, character development, and writing styles.

I gladly lend my books to my schoolmates so that I can encourage them to read. Indeed, books act as helpful companions that we may turn to for guidance whenever we are unsure of anything or are at a loss for words.