100 Words Paragraph On Brain Drain In English

Brain drain is the exodus of a considerable number of highly educated and gifted individuals from a nation. That happens as a result of having better employment opportunities abroad than at home.

Moreover, brain drain can happen at the organisational or industrial level when there is a large exodus from a business or industry because another one provides a greater salary and other benefits. Because it removes the most capable people out of the group, brain drain is a loss for the nation, the organisation, and the industry.

The phrase “brain drain” is frequently used to refer to the emigration of scientists, physicians, engineers, and other prominent professionals, such as those in the banking and finance industry. Their exodus has a detrimental effect on their home countries. Geographic brain drain results in not only a loss of knowledge but also a significant reduction in consumer expenditure in the nation. As a result, the economy of the nation could suffer greatly.

While there is a geographic brain leak as a result of better economic opportunities and living standards elsewhere, organisational brain outflow can also be a result of subpar leadership, excessive workload demands, low pay, and a lack of professional development.