100 Words Paragraph On Brother In English

My sibling is older than me. Jason is his name. Jason, who is 10 years old, reads at a fifth-grade level. He is a devoted and affectionate brother. My brother has very specific reading preferences. He won’t let me handle any of his possessions. He occasionally offers me his toys to play with. He also gives me chips and candy. My brother is incredibly sincere and wise. He consistently receives top grades on his tests. In his school, my brother is well-known.

He frequently visits our home to play with his many buddies. I’m playing with his mates as well. When my parents are away, he looks after me. In his free time, my older brother and I play carom, nibbles, and ladders. He also assists me with my assignments. We communicate our feelings to one another and are quite close. Together, we all watch television. We chuckle a lot while watching our favourite show, Tom and Jerry. My brother and I are really close.