100 Words Paragraph On Black Hole In English

An area of space-time known as a “black hole” is one from which nothing, not even light, can escape. The general theory of relativity states that it first appears when a significant mass bends spacetime. The black hole is surrounded by a sphere. Anything that enters the sphere cannot exit. The event horizon is the name of this sphere.

All of the light that strikes a black hole is absorbed, giving it its dark colour. Like a perfect black body in thermodynamics, it has no reflection. Black holes emit Hawking radiation and have a temperature according to quantum mechanics, which causes them to gradually contract in size.

Black holes are extremely difficult to view, thus they are discovered through how they affect nearby objects. The location of a black hole can be determined by observing the motion of stars that orbit distant objects in space.

Alternatively, people can locate it when gas enters a black hole because the gas heats up and becomes extremely brilliant. Both telescopes on Earth and telescopes in orbit around the planet can find this. The laws of physics are very different inside a black hole.