100 Words Paragraph On Bird In English

Birds are exceptionally unique creatures with distinctive traits that they all share. For instance, they all have two legs, wings, and feathers. In a similar vein, all birds have warm blood and lay eggs. They come in several breeds and are highly important to our ecology. An essay on birds will therefore explain the significance of birds.

Birds come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2 inches to 2.75 metres. For instance, the ostrich and the tiniest hummingbird, the bee (largest). Birds have been around for 160 million years.

There are numerous varieties of birds, each with unique traits. For instance, some penguins are incapable of flying. Additionally, some birds, such as parrots, are renowned for their intellect.

Also, we have peacocks, which are lovely and represent rain and fine weather. Then there are the vultures and bats. Birds have a strong sense of intuition and a strong connection to their surroundings.

Some of them are stored close to coal mines to predict mine explosions, and they can forecast meteorological conditions. It is as a result of their sensitivity to high carbon monoxide release. They adore singing and are quite sociable. Birds like to fly about freely and without restrictions.