Essay on Blood Donation in English

Blood Donation is when a person gives his blood to another person with his own wish. 14th June is celebrated as the World Blood Donors Day by WHO. It urges people to donate blood and create awareness about blood donation.

Blood donation slogan ” Share life, Give blood”. 1st October is observed in India as National Voluntary Blood Donation Day.

Blood is an important fluid in the body. An ailing body needs blood some people not able to produce the blood due to disease like anaemia, sickle cell etc. A person needs blood after an accident. Blood has mainly four groups A, B, AB and O. A person with O negative blood is a universal donor which can donate blood to any of the group, whereas AB group person can accept the blood of any group.

There are many types of blood donation. Some people donate blood to a blood bank where the blood is stored. Anybody can take blood from this bank who is in need. Some people donate directly to the person who needs it. Others donate it to their family member or a friend and the blood is continuously supplied to the person who takes it.

Blood Donation is an act of kindness and helps those who are in need. Many blood donation camps are organised in schools, offices, societies to collect it. Doctors do a medical check-up to check many things like blood pressure, body temperature, pulse and the blood group of the donor. People who are suffering from any disease cannot donate blood. After the donation, the donor is given fruits and juice so that he does not feel weak.

Blood Donation has many benefits. It helps both the donor and the person who takes the blood. A person needs blood when he loses it in an accident. Blood donation saves him and gives him life. It improves the health of the donor because the blood gets refilled. This reduces the chance of many diseases and keeps the body healthy.

People get afraid of blood donation because they think that it can cause them many diseases. Save blood donation is important one need to take care of certain precautions during donation of blood. Government, hospitals and media should make people aware of it. It is the duty of a doctor that he must take care of cleanliness.

Blood Donation is an act of humanity and we all must contribute to it. It promotes friendship and unity among people. It shows that we all are same and share the same blood.

Questions on Blood Donation

Is it healthy to donate blood?

The blood donation safe life. The donor body start producing more blood with few hours after donation and replenishing the body. Every two to three month anyone can give blood again. The body became more fit to fight diseases.

What is the slogan of World Blood Donation Day 2019?

“Safe Blood to All” is the theme of world blood donation day 2019.