1 Minute Speech on Blood Donation In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I’ll be talking about blood donation.

The 14th of June every year is celebrated as World Blood Donation Day globally. Why is this important?

Blood donation is an act that can save lives. It is blood donors who give life to those who are in life-and-death situations. In the golden hour after a severe accident has occurred, blood is crucial to be administered to the patient. O+ is the most common blood type and is most donated. 

If a person above 18 years and below 65 years is in good health, that is, devoid of bodily ailments, they are eligible to donate blood. However, those who have tattoos and those who are pregnant would not be able to do the same.

Donate your blood today and save someone’s life. A single drop of blood could make a huge difference! 

Thank you!