100 Words Paragraph On Badminton In English

The Badminton World Federation oversees the indoor sport of badminton (BWF). The inaugural tournament was held in 1977, while the BWF was founded in the year 1934. The participants in this game are physically fit and demand a lot of energy. A light racquet and a shuttlecock are needed to play this game.

This game was previously played with cork, but today, with BWF’s approval, a synthetic shuttlecock is used. There might be one or two players on each side of the badminton court when playing this game in singles or doubles. This game is easy to play, has clear rules, and presents less risk of injury. 

The fact that players of any gender and age can participate in the game is its strongest feature. Saina Nehwal, P.V. Sindhu, P. Gopichand, Srikant Kadambi, and P. Kashyap are some of India’s top badminton players. These badminton players compete for India in international competitions.

The English country house owned by the Dukes of Beaufort is where the name “badminton” originates. The game’s origins can be found in China, Greece, and India, and it was first played in England in 1873. In nations like Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan, badminton is well-known. In addition to being played at the national and international levels, this game is also played at numerous high schools and colleges.