100 Words Paragraph On Bandhan In English

The Hindu community celebrates Raksha Bandhan, sometimes referred to as Rakhi Purnima, as a well-known holiday. It is customary for the brothers to renew their promise to shield their sisters from harm on this auspicious day. The sisters worship their brothers, wear a sacramental bracelet, and get money and presents from their elders.

Rakhi is a representation of love and unity, however if we examine Hindu mythology, we can infer that in the past, siblings would not customarily exchange rakhi. Women performed their rituals on their husbands. In the fabled story of King Indra Dev and his wife Sachi, Lord Indra engaged in a bloody conflict with a strong demonic ruler named Bali.

Lord Indra’s wife Sachi attached a religious bracelet that Lord Vishnu had given her husband on his wrist out of fear for her husband’s threatened life. Consequently, the tradition of tying a thread was once reserved for married couples, but it has since spread to many types of relationships, including those between siblings.