100-300 Words Paragraph On Addiction In English

Drug addiction is harmful. We become addicts when we consume too much medicine on a daily basis. Addiction in any form is harmful to one’s health. It can be harmful to our bodies and minds. Medications are prescribed by doctors during illnesses such as fever. Drugs should not be consumed without the approval of a parent. It has the potential to be damaging to us.

We can recover from drug addiction. Green vegetables and pulses must be consumed. Every day, we must drink a glass of milk. Hand washing with soap before and after eating and playing aids in the fight against germs. Drugs to combat germs are permitted to be administered by parents and doctors. Exercise and eating a nutritious diet keep us from using drugs.

Using drugs on a daily basis is a bad habit. Taking medicines when we are healthy is not a smart idea. It has the potential to impair our immune system. To stay healthy, we must consume at least one fruit per day, such as apples. We should abstain from using drugs.We must assist such people. Addiction is difficult to overcome all at once. It is a long and steady process that must be handled carefully and sensibly.