100-300 Words Paragraph On Afforestation In English

Afforestation is a phrase that refers to the planting of trees or seeds in previously barren areas or places that have lost their green cover and productivity due to mining activities. Planting or sowing will aid in the restoration of the areas. As a result, it will aid in the restoration of the area’s fertility.

The restoration of the structure and functioning of that ecosystem is not an easy task, but it is a time-consuming process. Afforestation can contribute to the rehabilitation of a degraded environment. The terms afforestation and reforestation are frequently used interchangeably. Reforestation is the process of planting more trees in an existing forest that is depleted or recovering.

Nevertheless, afforestation is the process of naturally or artificially establishing trees or sowing seeds in a barren area caused by a natural or man-made tragedy. Therefore we can say that afforestation is the process of creating a new forest on wasteland or barren land that was previously a forest or agricultural land.

Trees and forests are critical components of our ecology and way of life. Humanity’s changing lifestyle and needs are directly or indirectly responsible for forest degradation, resulting in an imbalance of the natural equilibrium. Afforestation is one of the constructive techniques to conservation.