Short Speech on Drug Addiction in English for Students and Children

Good morning all of you! Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends. Thank you for being present here on this special occasion.

Today I am going to speak on the topic- ‘Drugs Addiction’. Today’s youth addiction to drugs has drawn my attention to this topic.

Drugs are chemical substances which have an effect on our body. There are two types of drugs, one is legal and the second one is illegal. The legal drugs are basically the medicines which we use in our everyday use for various problems in our body such as body ache, headache, etc. These drugs are to cure our body ailments.

But the illegal drugs are the ones that are used to get into the state of being intoxicated or drunk. This helps people to lose their senses and forget everything. Consumption of such drugs is illegal and can have an adverse effect on our body. It can affect us badly both physically and mentally.

Drug Addiction

Young people often start with just tasting of these drugs and then end up getting addicted to it. They do this due to various reasons. They consume it sometimes because of unfair expectations and stress. The drugs make them feel high and its after-effects are quite relaxing. But its effects, in the long run, can damage their brain, liver, etc.

Students also get into this drug addiction when they fail to get emotional support. So they turn themselves towards drugs to calm their agitation and anger.

Poverty is also one of the reasons behind this drug-selling network. Drug sellers target students and make them addicted to drugs. Initially, they give drugs to the students for free and once, they get addicted, they start charging them. They also target poor children and make them sell drugs in order to earn some money.

Drug consumption makes students mentally and physically weak. It also attracts various diseases. It makes students depressed and makes their recovery difficult.

In the end, I would request you all to stay away from drugs and always reach your parents and family to resolve any problems in your life. Drugs may look attractive initially but it has the capacity to destroy the future of a person. We should say complete ‘No’ to the drugs.

Thank you.