Short Speech on Self Confidence in English for Students and Children

Good morning! Respected principal, teachers, and my dear friends. Today I am here to present a speech in front of you on – ‘Self Confidence’.

We all know that self-confidence means having a belief in yourself and your abilities.

It is freedom from doubt. It is something that needs to be developed internally. It cannot be taught but it is very important for a healthy and positive lifestyle.

One cannot achieve his/her goals without self-confidence. Self-confidence makes a person independent, eager, optimistic, loving and positive by nature. And all these characteristics are important to achieve goals in life.

It is not so that a confident person will always win and achieve success in life. But a self-confident person will always come over a difficult situation. He/she understands that it’s not always about winning but about learning from your mistakes.

Self Confidence

One can improve his/her self-confidence in many ways. The first step is to say what you feel. People shy away when it comes to express one’s opinion. They also find it very difficult to say no to something they don’t like. Saying no to something you don’t like or are not comfortable with is very important. You don’t need to feel guilty about it.

People also face the problem of presumption. This also shakes self- confidence. For example, you are going to a debate competition and you know that the opponent is very strong, you may feel nervous and preassume that you will lose. This can bring negativity and can affect your debate.

Another way to boost your self-confidence is to set realistic goals. If we set our goals too high, it can affect our self-confidence. For example, if you plan to finish a whole coursebook in a day. It is unrealistic. You may not be able to achieve this goal. A whole book cannot be learned in a day. You may feel low when unable to achieve this goal.

Similarly, if you set your goals too low, it also won’t work for your self- confidence. For example, you plan to learn only one question-answer per day, this is very less work to be done to score good marks or to complete your course on time. Hence, you should always set realistic goals.

Remember, self-confidence cannot be built or boost in a day. It takes time. So keep working on your self-confidence and achieve your goals slowly and steadily.

Thank you.