Drug Addiction Essay

Drug addiction is a major social evil of modern times. It has spread its tentacles among the young and the old, and the rich and the poor. It is a problem of the whole society and has eaten into its vitals.

In the beginning a person takes a drug out of curiosity or for pleasure. But once he gets used to drugs, he becomes an addict. He finds it difficult to give up the habit. The condition of a drug addict, when he does not get his usual dose, needs to be seen.

His whole body suffers in unbearable pain and maddening agony. He falls in the hands of drug traffickers, terrorists and other anti-social elements. Drugs completely destroy an addict’s mental faculties and wreck his life.

There are many reasons for the worldwide spread of drug addiction. Easy availability of drugs like brown sugar, hashish, and he-roin etc., have made many a young man and woman fall prey to them.

Migration of rural youth to the cities in search of livelihood, breaking up of the joint-family system, pressures of modern living, its tensions and tribulations and uncaring parents, tend to increase the tendency to take to drugs. The absence of moral values in modern youth and materialistic approach to life has also encouraged the use of drugs.

Drugs are not only bad in themselves, but they also give rise to certain anti-social activities. As drugs are very costly, their addicts indulge in petty robberies and house breaks and extortions.

Most of them fall in the hands of drug-peddlers, murderers, and terrorist groups. Young girls get sexually abused and often land in brothels. Tamil terrorists in Srilanka and terrorists in Kashmir are known to indulge in drug-trafficking throughout the world.

In India drug addiction is increasing. Official figures show that there are between 15 to 17 lac. her-oin addicts in India. Recently, reports of the free sale of her-oin and brown sugar in the university campuses and schools have prominently been published in our national newspapers.

Professional colleges and other institutions are known to be the hotbeds of drug addicts The conditions are really very saddening. The increase in the number of drug users is very alarming.

The world community is not blind to this menace. Government and voluntary organisations throughout the world are taking steps to check it and rehabilitate the addicts. International Drug Enforcement Agency has been formed to tackle this problem.

The press and the electronic media have been carrying on an unrelenting propaganda against the use of drugs. But more stringent measures need to be taken. Some countries like our neighbours which encourage drug-trafficking are responsible for its production, should be prevented from doing so.

International opinion can force them to put an end to the production of drugs in their countries. Counselling centres need to be opened in big cities to give advice to the youth. Anti drug addiction centres can save the youth from this evil of the present time.