Write An Application To The Principal Requesting Half Day Leave For Personal Reason In School In English

The Principal,
Kendriya Vidyalaya,
Magadi Road,

Subject: Half day leave for personal reason in school

Good morning sir,

My name is S Yashoda, d/o S Srinivas. I am studying in Grade 7 in your school. I am submitting this leave application to let you know that due to personal reasons I might not be able to attend the classes for the rest of the day. I cannot state my reasons and can only let you know after I resume my classes.  Please accept my request to take a leave of absence from my classes for today. I assure you that I will be up to date with these classes and submit all my pending assignments for today. I’ll be grateful for the same. I have already let my teachers know about this, they are willing to help me as well.

Yours truly,
V Vindhya    Y