Write An Application To The Principal For Absent In School Due To Periods In English

The Principal}
Mal Dev Public School

Subject:- An application for absent in school due to Periods

Respected Sir,

  I am Malti, a student of class 12th of your esteemed school. Most humbly and respectfully I would like to tell your goodself that since I am in my teenage, puberty has made certain biological changes in my body. As we all know that nature has made male and female creatures different from each other, females undergo certain changes that include bodily changes especially the onset of the menstrual cycle. It can also cause excruciating pain, nausea and muscular contractions in females. Due to these periods, I am unable to attend the school. Please take notice of my absence from the school for four days. I shall join the classes as soon as these periods stop.

Thanking You
Yours faithfully
Class 12A
Roll No. 13