Write An Application To The Manager Requesting Leave For Bhai Dooj In English

The Manager,

Subject: Leave for Bhai Dooj

Respected Madam,

With utmost sincerity, this is to draw your attention to the upcoming festival of bhai dooj. It is an important day for any sister as this day marks the invaluable bond of a brother and sister. I have not been able to celebrate the festival for the last two years with my brothers due to covid-19. I have missed my brothers so much and especially on this day, where we just got the privilege to meet each other virtually. Things have now started returning to normalcy. Thus, our entire family has decided to celebrate this year’s Bhai dooj with great zeal and enthusiasm, followed by a small get together with the family members. This would be a small effort to catch up on the moments we have missed due to lockdown. Hence, I, Nisha, hereby request you to grant me a leave on 28th November, 2022. I have already completed the target due for that day. I assure you that I shall be present on 29th November, 2022.

I will be grateful to you for accepting my leave application.

Thanking you 
Yours faithfully 
Nisha E