Write An Application To The Bank Manager For Demand Draft In English

Bank Manager,
SBI Bank, Magadi Road Branch
Near Magadi Road metro station,
Bengaluru- 454332

Subject: Application to bank manager for cancellation of demand draft

Good evening sir,

I’m writing to ask you to reverse the DD for  RS. 25,000 that was issued on December 14th with the number XXXX. At the Bangalore branch on Magadi Road, this DD has a favourite named Aryan Khan. Mention the cause of DD’s cancellation.

As a result, I ask that you cancel the DD and credit the money to my account at Magadi Road (XXXXXX), or else pay me cash. A copy of the DD is also included for your reference.

I also give the bank permission to charge any and all fees related to the demand drafts cancellation. I’m grateful for your kind consideration of my application.

Aryan Khan