Write A Letter To Your Friend About Deforestation In English

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Harihar Nagar


Dear Wilfred,

I hope you and your family are happy and doing well. Have you seen news about terrible landslides happening in various parts of our country? Many were killed, and many are still struggling. There are many causes for landslides, with deforestation being the most important one. Deforestation is the massive cutting down of trees. It also causes climate change and global warming. An increase in temperature is an effect of global warming. A tree holds and gives strength to the soil on the ground. When a tree is uprooted, the soil becomes weak and loses its fertility. Loss of fertility in the soil makes plants and crops difficult to grow. This, in turn, can lead to a food shortage. This also results in soil erosion and landslides. Moreover, trees are home to many birds and terrestrial animals. Deforestation results in the loss of shelter for these species. This can lead to their extinction as they will lose their habitat. It’s past time to fight against deforestation.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Nakul F