Write A Letter To Your Friend About Dengue In English

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Dear Neeraj

How are you? I hope everyone in your home is in good health. Last week was a week full of tension and worries for me. My dad was diagnosed with dengue fever. He was admitted to the hospital for three days. Last Saturday, he came back from work with a high fever. He was immediately taken to the hospital, and the doctor, after checking his blood test result, confirmed that he is infected with dengue. Now, my dad is back home and is doing well. Dengue is a virus spread to people through an Aedes mosquito bite. If a dengue-affected person is not treated at the earliest possible time, it can lead to a rapid drop in his or her platelet count, which in turn can lead to internal bleeding and death. Therefore, if you are having fever, consult the doctor at the earliest. Avoid mosquito breeding in your surroundings by keeping them clean. If there are any waterlogged areas, take the necessary steps to avoid them.

Bye and take care

Your friend 
Vedika F