Write An Apology Letter To Teacher To Teacher For Being Late In English

Ms Parvati Sharma
Class Teacher, 8th B
City Public School
New Delhi

This is Aashiq F from your 8th grade B class. I am writing this letter to apologise to you for getting late to class this morning. I got late because I missed the bus this morning. I missed the bus as I woke up late. All of my timings were thrown off because I awoke late.I am sorry for not being punctual. I am also very sorry for being irresponsible with my duties.

I kindly request that you accept my apology. I promise you that I won’t repeat this mistake again. I clearly understand the importance of punctuality and discipline in a student’s life.
Thank you for taking your time to read my letter, and also thank you for letting me inside the class even after I was late.

Yours faithfully
Aashiq F