2 Minute Speech On Robots In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. I would like to thank the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends for allowing me to speak to you today about robots. Robots are machines with characteristics and behaviors that resemble those of humans. Following their programming, they may carry out duties. Robots have been significantly reducing human workloads over the past ten years or more, notably in the industrial sector.

Robots are typically used in the manufacturing sector. These tasks are typically repetitious and boring for workers. It is normal for people who play a certain position for a long time to become tired of it and desire to stop or finish the duty unwillingly.

Also, this will make them less effective than they were before they started working. As a result, individuals become burned out and lack the desire or excitement to continue working. Robots are especially useful in this situation since they make humans’ lives simpler than before.

Although a robot in fictional works often resembles a humanoid, a robot’s shape might vary depending on its usefulness and role. They are capable of doing a variety of jobs, from lighter ones like installing heavy gear to larger ones like cooking and cleaning. The advancement of robots is necessary for the growth of contemporary industries.

The use of robots reduces human work significantly, yet their use is restricted and requires some oversight from human intellect. Robotics applications have been very beneficial to industries during the past few decades. The company’s production and earnings have increased dramatically as a result of their use.

Humans can now complete difficult or time-consuming activities with ease thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence, and this technology is only likely to advance in the future. Thank you.