Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Bad Effect Internet And Facebook In English

Bavdhan Khurd,

21 November 2022

Dear friend,

Hey! How are you doing? I am also doing well on this side. I am going to write to you about the worrying topic of the bad effects of the internet and Facebook. Recently, pictures of a boy in my neighborhood were leaked on the internet. The boy was deeply ashamed of the fact. Almost every person on the internet has access to the photos of that poor boy. My parents have always been very strict about the usage of the internet. We all know how much information is available on the internet about the good as well as the bad kind. It can have severe bad effects on innocent kids. Facebook is a social media site that has become very dangerous for little children. They make friends and start talking with complete strangers. These strangers do not have good intentions in their hearts. I think parents should limit the usage of the internet and social media sites until they are intelligent.

What do you think about this issue? Take care.

Your friend,
Noor C