Write A Letter To Your Friend About Short Tour In English



Dearest Kalyan,

Hope you and your family are in good health. Last week, I and my family went for a short tour of Munnar in Kerala. The journey was in our car. It took 5 hours to reach Munnar. Munnar is a major hill station, situated in the Western Ghats Mountain range. We reached there by 1 pm and took a room in a resort. After having our lunch at the resort, we went to the Kallipara hills, where the famous ‘Neelakurinji’ flowers that bloom once only in twelve years have just blossomed. It was so beautiful to watch the flowers. It was evening and a cool soothing wind blew across the hills. As it get dark, we went to our resort. The next day, we went to visit a tea plantation and bought some fresh tea leaves. We head back to our home afterward. Though this tour was short, it was a break from my busy work-study life.


Your dear friend