Write A Letter To Your Friend About Story Book In English



Hey Das,

I received your letter yesterday. I am happy that everything is good there. Me and my family are fine here.

I came to know about a story book written by one of my favorite authors Sudha Murthy. The book is titled ‘Grandma’s bag of stories’. This book is about three children arriving at their grandparent’s house to stay and their grandmother narrates their stories every day. The book gets the readers to many short stories about kings, animals, princesses, etc. This is all I know about the book. I am planning to buy this book as I am very eager to read it as soon as possible. Also, the price of the book is affordable. Though I searched in two libraries, I couldn’t get it. I think the book is suitable for all above the age of 5. I think this book is perfect for you to start the habit of reading.

Bye and take care 

Your friend