Write A Letter To Your Friend About Road Accident In Which You Have Been Injured In English



Hey Lakshya,

Hope you are fine. I am not fine here. A terrible thing happened with me last week. I was admitted in the hospital for the past 4 days. My scooter got hit by a car. This happened in Kedhaar Street-highway stretch. The car was coming from the opposite direction in high speed and it got into the other side and hit my scooter. Due to the strong collision, I fell down first and then the scooter fell on my right leg. I was immediately taken to the hospital. A minor surgery was done on my right leg, my left hand fractured and an injury on my forehead. Well, now I am at home taking rest. I can’t walk without someone’s help. I am not in good mental health as well. I wish to meet you soon.


Your friend