Write A Letter To Your Friend About Half Yearly Exam In English

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Dear Rinu,

I hope you and your family are fine and happy. We are doing well here. What about your studies? In my school, our half-yearly exams will commence next month. The time table was published yesterday on our notice board. Almost all the material on the syllabus for the exams has been covered. Some teachers have already started the revision process.

Math is my toughest subject. I have already started studying and solving math problems. The subject that I am least concerned about is social science. Since it is an interesting subject, I love studying it. For this exam, we have to study half of our total syllabus.

This exam is very important, as 25% of the marks obtained for it will be added to our final score. One benefit of this exam is that we can practise writing answers, which will prepare us for our board exams. I hope you, too, will have your exams soon. All the best.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Jay F