Write A Letter To Your Friend About Haritha Haram Programme In Your School In English

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Rajaji Nagar


Dear Vinu,

How are you doing? We are doing well here. I am writing this about a new programme in our school. The programme name is “Haritha Haram.” This is a programme launched by the government of Telengana in 2015. This is a programme aimed at rejuvenating and restoring degraded and lost forests.

This also includes protecting the forest from harsh construction activities and forest fires. In our school, this programme was inaugurated by the Panchayat president and our principal. The panchayat president explained how students can participate in this programme and assured their full support for it.

As part of this programme, we planted saplings on a portion of the barren government land near our school. We were taught about the different irrigation methods that help in the growth of the saplings. Almost all the government and non-government institutions are taking part in this programme. If we have the right intentions, we can also individually take part in this programme.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Drishya F