Write A Letter To Your Friend About English Celebration At Your School In English

Eden House
Devi Nagar


Dear Yaami,

How are you? We are doing well here. How is everything at school going on? Two days ago, there was a celebration of English Day at my school. April 22 is observed as “World English Day.” This day has been observed by the United Nations every year since 2010. April 23 is selected because this is the day the world’s greatest and most celebrated playwright and poet, William Shakespeare, was born. The celebration in school was initiated by the school English club. There were numerous other competitions, such as the English versification contest, the spelling bee, and so on. The celebration was inaugurated by Mr. Sudhish Krishna, the former head of the department of English at Delhi University. He was one of our English teachers’ professors. He talked about the importance of the English language in our daily lives. One student recited a poem by Shakespeare. Following that, the high school students performed a scene from Shakespeare’s famous play, Julius Caesar. I got a consolidated prize for the spelling bee contest.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Nitin F