Write A Letter To Your Friend About Computer Club In English

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Dear Jhanvi,

I hope you and your loved ones are happy and doing well. How many clubs are there in your school? I hope all of them are active. Which club did you join? In my school, there is a history club, an eco club, a language club, a science club, and a computer club. You know how much I am interested in computers. I am an active member of my school’s computer club. The club is actively conducting programs that involve the participation of all students and build their interest in computers. The club’s most recent programme was a digital painting workshop for high school students. The workshop introduced the students to software such as Corel Draw, Tux Paint, and PageMaker. Two months ago, an IT quiz competition was conducted for lower and upper primary students. The computer science students from classes 11 and 12 were taken on a field trip to Bangalore Technopark. I am so proud of my school’s computer club.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Nirupama F