Write A Letter To Your Friend About Climate Change In English

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Dear Vivek,

I hope you and your loved ones are happy and doing well. Have you heard about the flood in Kerala a week ago? It is a sad situation there, as many have lost their lives and shelter. My relatives’ house in Kerala also got flooded. They were shifted to the relief camp. Though they are safe, they have lost many things from their house. Natural disasters are becoming more common. These are the effects of climate change. Earlier, we used to have moderate weather conditions—not too hot or too cold. But now it is scorching hot and icy cold! The climate pattern is also changing. The monsoon does not arrive on time, either early or late. These are all because of the overexploitation of natural resources by humans. Burning fossil fuels, cutting down trees, engaging in illegal construction activities, etc. all lead to the destruction of nature.  It is past time for us to take action to make our nature safe.

Bye and take care 

Your friend
Fida F