Write A Letter To Your Friend About City Life In English

Santhosh House


Dear Priya,

How are you? I am eagerly waiting for the school to close for summer vacation so that I can come to our village and spend the vacation there. We can also meet and play together. It’s only been three months since my family and I moved to Kochi, but it feels like a lifetime. The way of life here is very different from the one we have in our village. I wake up hearing the sound of vehicles instead of birds chirping. Throughout the day, there are vehicles on the road. People here are very kind, like in our village. Many people told us before we came here that the people in the city are rude. But it’s wrong. They are nice people with helpful attitudes. Life is expensive here. Most of the people in the city are engaged in some kind of job, as there are many job opportunities available here. I began to enjoy city life, but I still miss our village terribly.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Tarun F