Write A Letter To Your Friend About Celebration Of International Mother Language Day In English

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Hey Nithya,

I hope you got over your fever. How is your family doing? A lot of things happened at school in the days you were absent. I will help you complete the notes. February 21st is celebrated as International Mother Language Day. This day is celebrated to promote awareness of linguistic, cultural diversity, and multilingualism. There was a small celebration of this day at our school auditorium in the afternoon section. The Malayalam language club was in charge of the celebration. Anila teacher gave a speech about the importance of the mother tongue in one’s life. She discussed the inclusion of Malayalam in the list of India’s classical languages. After her speech, there was a quiz competition on the topic of Malayalam. Dhanush, a student from class 8, recited a Malayalam poem. He recited it beautifully. We all take a language pledge, where we pledge to give our mother tongue all the respect in our lives.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Riyas F