Write A Letter To Your Friend About Charity In English

‘Vriksha’ Kanak Nagar


Hey Anjali,

How are you? We are fine here. How is everything at school going on? A charity drive is happening in our school to help one of our classmates who lost both her parents in the COVID pandemic. The school’s Parents-Teachers Association is in charge of this drive. All are trying their best to get the maximum funds. I donated some of my pocket money for this. At this time, I thought about the importance of charity. The social background of all humans is not at all the same. Some are privileged, while others are not. Charity is important as it builds a helping mentality and compassion for fellow human beings. It helps to understand the many difficulties and struggles faced by others and also realise our privileges. Charity brings new hope to the people who need help. If our personal economic situation is good, we should keep a share of it for charity work.

Bye and take care

Your friend 
Ayush F