Write A Letter To Your Friend About Air Pollution In English

‘Vikas’ Varna Nagar
Toll Junction
New Delhi


Dear Swetha,

I hope you and your family had a happy and safe Diwali celebration. How was this year’s Diwali? You may have seen in the newspapers about the alarming quality of the air in Delhi and other parts of our country post-Diwali. Air pollution is a serious threat to all living beings. Burning crackers is not just the cause of air pollution. It is just one among hundreds of other causes. Plastic’s improper disposal and burning contribute significantly to air pollution. Air pollution happens when the air in the atmosphere is contaminated by any chemical, physical, or biological substances. The effect of air pollution is that it can severely affect our health, causing lung disorders, heart diseases, skin diseases and even cancer. Our simple energy conservation measures, such as saving electricity, taking public transportation, and reusing items, will help to control air pollution. Let us all work together to combat air pollution. 

Bye and take care

Your friend
Arnav F